Geoff Kwitko is an internet marketing consultant, trainer and web entrepreneur.

A world class expert with 16 years of proven success, based in Adelaide.

Specialising in digital marketing strategy, online advertising, social media, SEO, email marketing, video marketing, lead generation, ecommerce, web design, marketing funnel automation, software development, sales technology and entrepreneurial thinking.


Founded, grew and sold 3 of his own technology companies


Also grew and sold another 3 client companies hired as a consultant

Trained over 200 Adelaide companies in digital marketing

The Wall of Ideas

"Geoff is like a Sherlock Holmes for business and marketing"

Jindou Lee
Happy Inspector


Personally managed over $27 million in budgets


Directly hired and managed over 200 employees and contractors

9.6/10 satisfaction score from 206 clients and staff surveyed


“A BIGGGGG thankyou Geoff. Our sales have gone berserkkkkkkkkkkkkk. The orders are just rainningggggggggg innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! No doubt, Geoff’s marketing work was one of the major factors in my business being so saleable.”

Mike Chalmers, Add Value

“Geoff’s consulting probes beyond the superficial and gets to the real core of the issue. Geoff is a wizard with diverse knowledge and experiences way beyond his years. He is a truly amazing individual and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Jindou Lee, Happy Inspector

"Geoff always finds creative solutions very quickly. The speed he can develop business strategies and marketing systems is astounding. Geoff’s not afraid to ask the hard questions to discover what’s really going on. He’ll expertly deconstruct any false assumptions."

Luke JamiesonDBG


Interested? Call Geoff on 0408809754